$ 74.95

Lighting Control Module (LCM) REPAIR SERVICE

Professionally Rebuilt / FAST Return Shipping / 2 year WARRANTY!!

If one or both of the headlights on your BMW are stuck ON even when your BMW E39 5-Series or E38 7-Series is turned off, the chances are that your Lighting Control Module (LCM) is faulty. The replacement module can cost $400 or more plus programming labor at a BMW dealership. We are offering this repair service for a fraction of the cost!! This listing is for repair of one side (left or right) headlight beam that is stuck ON. If you have both sides stuck ON, please buy two repairs. Programming is not needed after the repair is complete, the repaired module is plug and play. The module we are offering a repair on is BMW Part Number 61.35-8 372 875. If your LCM looks different from the one pictured (for example it does not have the metal cooling fins pictured) or your failure symptoms are different, please contact us first before buying the service. Typically your module will be repaired and shipped back to you within 1 business day. Severe Fire & Water damaged devices do not qualify for this repair.

How Does it Work?

1. Purchase Service

2. Simply remove passenger side kick-panel

    • Will slide off

3.. Use a 10mm socket to remove bolt holding LCM in place. Pull LCM downward then disconnect (3) plug.

Mail securely packaged part and please include a note of symptoms & return mailing address. The plastic front shield is fragile! Please package carefully.


Note: We do not recommend driving your vehicle without an LCM. Please be patient while your package arrives back to you.

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